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All warranties apply to the original owner only and begin at the date of purchase. All warranties are to refinish, repair, or replace at factory discretion. Certain styles of furniture are periodically discontinued.

Warranties do not include damage to paint caused by corrosion of metal or discoloration of fabrics.

Not covered under warranty

Warranties do not include furniture used for commercial purpose or furniture damaged by acts of nature, e.g. freezing, or improper care.

Mallin is not liable for the shipping or packaging charges to or from the factory on any warranty items past 1 year after date of purchase.

15 Year Limited (Residential) | Frames, Finish, & Vinyl Strapping
5 Year Limited (Residential) | Artisan Collection, Frames & Finish
3 Year Limited (Residential) | Woven Resin
Marble and Travertine Table Tops
Slate and Faux Table Tops

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1) Review warranty to ensure damage falls under the Mallin warranty. Please note that some styles & colors can not be replaced as product is periodically discontinued.

2) REQUIRED: Make a copy of your original Proof of Purchase. If necessary, please contact the retailer where you purchased your Mallin product to obtain the Proof of Purchase.

3) State the problem in writing. Describe the damage and how it occurred, if known. Include pictures of the damage, if possible.

4) Submit the Proof of Purchase and the written statement to our Customer Service department via email or carrier pigeon:

Customer Service

Mallin Customer Service
Minson Corporation
One Minson Way
Montebello, CA 90640

5) A Return Goods Authorization (RA) card may be sent to you with instructions for returning the items. No returns will be accepted without an RA from Mallin Casual Furniture.

Care Instructions


A solution of mild soap and water is suitable for cleaning your Mallin frame. Regular cleaning with this solution will help maintain its integrity.

A solution of mild soap and water is also suitable for use on fabrics. Suntan lotion and oils may damage fabrics used on cushions. While all our materials are designed for outdoor use, they must be maintained and kept clean.


All-purpose detergent may be used on woven resin furniture, PVC strapping, and painted surfaces. Maintenance is recommended two to three times yearly, however these durable materials may be cleaned as often as desired.


CLEANING: Handle stone tops with care. Sealed table tops require regular cleaning. A soft cloth or sponge may be used with warm water and a mild dish soap or pH-neutral stone or marble cleaner. Do not use: scouring creams, abrasive cleaners, or acid-based products e.g. ammonia, baking soda, or borax, unless they are specially formulated for use on natural stone or marble. Rinse with clean water to remove soap residue. Dry thoroughly to prevent moisture penetration.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: Sealing is the most important step in the protection of stone table tops. Use penetrating sealer for marble or stone. Frequent use of the top requires more frequent sealing.

The sealer acts as a repellent, preventing the absorption of moisture and staining materials. Stone and marble sealers are available at tile or stone shops and at home improvement centers. Follow the sealer manufacturer’s instructions.

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Mallin Casual Furniture is only sold at furniture retail stores in the United States & Canada. Our product is not sold online because we feel you need see and sit in furniture before it becomes part of your home.

Your local Mallin dealer will be able to help you select the design, style, and colors that will suit your needs. To find a store near you that sells Mallin Casual Furniture, please call:

Mallin Customer Service
(800) 251-6537